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Why become a #MoSista this Movember?

Why become a #MoSista this Movember?

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Mo Sistas is a way for women to participate in the Movember Movement this month. "I usually pluck it or I wax it. When I was younger, it was very lush – I had a passionate moustache – but it's kind of moved to under my chin now so we'll just see what we get.” The Loose’s Women panellist Nadia Sawalha told her co-panellists on growing her stache this Movember. Sawalha is ditching her wax to show support for her husband who is growing his beard for the movement. Movember began in 2004 in Melbourne, Australia when a bunch of friends decided to grow their moustache and commit to 30 hairy days to raise awareness for prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health. It has since become a global men’s health movement. During Novemb
The struggles of being a man

The struggles of being a man

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As the discussion about women issues and gender equality grows, we often forget to ask men about their difficulties. So, Voice of London did just that. To celebrate the start of Movember, Voice of London decided to grab a microphone and go around the University of Westminster to ask male students about their personal struggles of being a man. The conversation started on Twitter earlier this month when Caitlin Moran, The Sunday Times columnist, set the challenge to ask men about their struggles. A flood of replies soon followed the question, which led to a Twitter thread that read like a script from a therapy session. Here are some of the most humorous, heart-warming, and at times heartbreaking struggles of being a ma...

Don’t shave; it’s Movember

We are only halfway through November, so there's still time for you to join the tide and grow the moustache. If you have been seeing a lot of 'moustrachey' men around, it is not a coincidence, there is a reason - a very important one. If in October we were encouraged to 'wear it pink' to bring attention to breast cancer prevention, November - or shall we say Movember? - is the month dedicated to men. This is the time to raise awareness on men's mental health as numbers show that men are dying surprisignly young. The Movember movement puts a range of men's health issues on the spotlight, from cancer to anxiety. And it uses the cute moustache to do so. The campaign dates back to 2003, and now it has spread across the UK, the US, Canada and Australia. Fortunately, it has been grow...