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Women around Europe are saying “no” to more than one child, new study suggests

Women around Europe are saying “no” to more than one child, new study suggests

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Millennials will be remembered in the future as the “less is less” generation: less alcohol, less sex and less children. The medical journal The Lancet recently revealed that fertility rates between 1950 and 2017 faced a 49.4% decrease. In the United Kingdom, fertility has been on a slow but constant fall. The lowest peak was registered in 1964 (1.64) and 1977 (1.69) with the latest figures being very similar to the one in 1977. Researchers found that the current rate is about 1.7 children on a sample of a thousand women with only 0.35% being under 25 years old.   The rest of the European Union does not seem to score better with Cyprus scoring the lowest result with a 1.0 rate and France, Ireland and Sweden reaching the peak of 1.8. Other countries that are poorly perf

The antidote to extremism

Millennials are looked down on as the generation that will accomplish nothing. Actually, we are moving (quietly) and trying to change the world, using anything from Noam Chomsky's teachings to Twitter. They said that we are too focused on our avocado brunches to buy a house. That we are the most apathetic generation, that we are glued to the screen of our smartphone. In short, that we want too much but do too little. Our answer is, obviously, that there’s nothing wrong with us – it’s just the world we’ve been given that’s got problems. House prices have skyrocketed in the past decade; the job market now requires a 20-year-old to have around thirty years of experience – or be doomed to years of unpaid internships before landing their first job. Yet another burning problem of the late

Engage your core with food porn: Hot, glossy and over the top

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If you strip away the sugar coating, resting juices and melted cheesy abominations, there are a lot of concerning similarities between the food and the sex industry. Its greatest virtue lies within the clever, controversially creative way of playing with indecency. All in a tireless service to pleasure. Conventional porn tends to leave an aftertaste that is almost by definition wrongfully sinful. Over-glamorised food photography, on the other hand, has poured out into the mainstream. It has drenched our social media feeds in colourful extravagance and dripping ooziness. We’re talking porn. #foodporn. If we accept the phenomenon of food porn as the hugely successful brainchild of commercial culture, it becomes ever more evident how deeply appearance has engaged with the core of wha
Triggered? Universities around London are using trigger warnings on potentially offensive lectures

Triggered? Universities around London are using trigger warnings on potentially offensive lectures

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The generation where you ‘can’t say anything’ are being firmly protected by some universities with the use of trigger warnings. Are millennials being too sensitive or are universities simply doing their best to protect vulnerable students? The University of Cambridge has issued trigger warnings ahead of some lectures and seminars for their students. The warnings are issued on “material that could be deemed upsetting (and is not obvious from the title)” by The University of Cambridge. David Kurten, UKIP’s London Assembly Member, mocked the idea by tweeting: “poor snowflakes!”. Sally Bracegirdle, editor of a student led website The Daily Touch, told the Voice of London: “As easy as I'm sure it will be for many pe