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London: A Night on the Town

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    Nighttime Adventures For many, night time is when they go to sleep, but for others, it’s when they come alive. London is a city, so it never truly sleeps. Eager adventurers can find all sorts of places to go, things to do, and people to see in London on a night on the town. All it takes is some curiosity. Hungry? London offers every style of cuisine from mouth-watering Vietnamese street food to succulently elegant French brasseries. No matter how picky the eater, everyone will find something they’ll like. It’s best to not decide where to go ahead of time: just walk outside and follow your nose.   Take In a Show Those who are looking to take in a show should look no further than London’s Piccadilly Circus. Whether you’re strolling i

Members’ club for creatives inside a former public loo (podcast)

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Our reporter Mariya Grinina meets the co-founder to speak about London’s most unusual members’ club. Reporter, Producer: Mariya Grinina | Sub-editor: Joseph Carey Bermondsey Arts Club has a rather unusual setting. Built in a disused Victorian toilet, it boasts a spacious Art Deco room and an elegant bar area, with original wall and floor tiles, and marble-clad bar and table tops made from the stone that was originally used as toilet cubicle separators. Opened in 2014 by George Garnier and Joe Lowe (who also run Artistic-Spaces together), the club is an artistic hub where creatives gather for drinks, live jazz and various events. Although such setting may seem unappealing, the chic design and chilling atmosphere manages to deliver a pleasant experience. “Even if we didn’t have this unus
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of a Free Gig

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of a Free Gig

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Twin Peaks took time out from their European tour to play a gig in London - for free. Reporter: Chelsea Jobe | Sub-Editor: Alex Clement American indie band Twin Peaks performed a free gig at Urban Outfitters in Shoreditch last night. After playing at nightclub Scala the night before, the band decided to hold an impromptu gig. But is there a difference between a paid and a free gig? Here is a list of things I noticed at the Twin Peaks gig: You probably don’t know the band… Because it’s free, you go to events and gigs willy-nilly. Not even knowing who or what you will see. The only information I knew about Twin Peaks was the crime television series. Not useful or relevant at all. But I was pleasantly surprised by them, an indie rock band from Chicago. I will definitely be
Why We DON’T Need Encores At Gigs

Why We DON’T Need Encores At Gigs

Everyone’s been to a gig where the crowd have been left gobsmacked after a stunning set. But more small bands are leaving the stage early, yearning for the small crowds to shout, “ONE MORE SONG”, even if they don’t have a popular track. Words: Cerys Kenneally, Subeditor: Karolina Zilenaite Encores are the ultimate guilty pleasure for big stadium gigs. Having seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers when I was younger, I was guiltily one of the 40,000 people shouting ‘one more song!!!’ and rightly so too. They hadn’t performed “By The Way” or “Californication” yet, and the crowd was left rumbling in their sweaty garments for the Chili’s to complete their night.   It should be taken into consideration that 40,000 people are a LOT of people. 250 aren’t. Hearing 40,000 people screaming