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Here is a quick guide on NDAs and uncomfortable workplace “banter”

Here is a quick guide on NDAs and uncomfortable workplace “banter”

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Let’s just say you scored yourself an internship with the company of your dreams. Everything seems to be working as well as you anticipated, except your supervisor often makes you feel... rather uncomfortable. What are your rights as an employee in such situations? And is it possible for employers to cover up workplace sexual harassment? Recent revelations about Hollywood producer/mogul, Harvey Weinstein have shocked the industry and the world. Not only that, they have brought years of silence surrounding misogyny and sexual offences within Hollywood-- and most working industries-- to a blinding spotlight. How have these incidents been happening for years without the public knowing-- especially since the men involved are rather high up the Hollywood food chain? The answer lies withi

“Suck my D*ck!” Perez Hilton Fires Back At Angelina Jolie Over Threats To Be Sued

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This comes after Hilton’s coverage over the Brandgelina split. The American blogger is famed for his delivery on dishing the dirt and trashing celebrities. Reporter: Raynor Fry |  Sub-editor: Alex Clement In the Perez vs. Jolie chronicles, Jolie’s lawyers contacted the controversial celebrity blogger, where they threatened legal action if he didn’t alter his posts about her split with husband, actor Brad Pitt. But, the ever-bitchy Perez didn’t take too kindly to the 41-year-old actresses’ request. He demanded an apology by stating to have been offended and a “huge fan and supporter of hers” [telling Jolie and her lawyers]: “Fuck YOU. And suck my dick!” Meow. In other news, #AngelinaJolie's lawyers at Greenberg Glusker have just threatened to sue me for my coverage of her sp