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Taylor James Eary feels “Brighter Than The Sun”

Words: Sal Fasone When Taylor got into music and started playing it out loud, little did he know he would end up  releasing his own music. Over the last year he puts out the delicately rousing ‘Moving On’ and has been described as a ‘powerful, promising talent’ by Clash Magazine. After picking up strong praise from a number of online tastemakers, Taylor now returns to the spotlight with his latest release ‘Brighter Than The Sun’. Voice of London met up with him in Southend, his hometown. He told us about his inspirations, what's behind his latest track and what his upcoming projects are. How did you understand that you wanted to do music in your life? I’ve loved music from an early age as there was always music playing in my house. I eventually got given an old keyboard which I
Chefs Vs Robots

Chefs Vs Robots

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Robots are already working in our everyday lives and have changed the way industries operate. Companies are creating robots to handle tasks including food preparation, cooking, and serving. But, how does a prosperous cook like Chef Afreen compare to the rapid technological developments which have transformed the kitchen world today? It's a fact technology drives the world forward. The process is continuous. Food is a strategy. Society is ready for the change as robot sales increased 29 percent, totaling 229,261 units in 2014. Robots are already functioning similarly to humans. They may become smarter than their creators as soon as 2029, experts estimate.Robotics have influenced the food industry to such an extent that they now able to produce it without any humans involved. Take Moley R