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‘Death, Dating and Drawing: Grace Helmer’

Based in South-London’s Peckham, Grace Helmer reaches beyond her everyday view to create light-toned landscapes, beautiful nature scenes and even her comic ‘Small Hours’. Reporter: Emily Fortune | Sub-Editor: Anisha Chowdhury As an oil paint connoisseur of today, Helmer is able to uncommonly bring this technique in to play with humorous cartoons, detailing the life of a freelance illustrator in London in her comic, with all of its glory from what she describes as ‘Death, Dating and Drawing’. After graduating from Camberwell College of Arts back in 2012, Helmer has since been working for clients such as Apple, HarvardX and even Lewisham Swimming Pool. The illustrator breathes life into all of her projects from her use of subtle colours to her borderline abstract techniques. In order

The London Illustration Fair 2016

Hosted this year at the Southbank’s Bargehouse, The London Illustration Fair is back with new artists presenting their finest drawings, doodles and designs. Reporter: Emily Fortune | Sub-Editor: Larissa Gliddon     In what's been described as an illustration ‘fruit and veg market’, finding fresh and immersive types of illustration wasn’t difficult. With 70 different collectives and artists chosen to exhibit their work, the Bargehouse was alight with the most intriguing colours and creations from cartoons to optical illusions, caricatures to reportage. Spread across five floors, London’s finest came out in full force with satirical TFL pop-art from London Underdown to Nick Ellwood’s top floor reportage illustration exhibition focusing on the Syrian refugee crisis, the