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Cookies, scary masks and generous cats: what’s your Christmas like?

Cookies, scary masks and generous cats: what’s your Christmas like?

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Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. How do your friends and family celebrate the most wonderful time of the year? Many of us have grown up with the idea of Christmas with decorating the Christmas tree, hanging up stockings, and leaving cookies and milk for Santa, who comes down the fireplace and leaves you presents. The worldwide idea of celebrating the holiday is coming to the tree with presents on Christmas morning and opening them with your family. However, Christmas has different kinds celebrations around the world, ranging from familial to national traditions. For example, Santa is not celebrated in Austria at all; in fact, he is quite the opposite of a jolly plump man with a huge beard and wearing red clothes. In Austria, Santa’s evil accomplice Krampus g
Can wanting to save our planet be too political?

Can wanting to save our planet be too political?

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Iceland’s call for help against palm oil production has ended in their Christmas ad being banned. The supermarket chain Iceland has decided to address environmental issues in its latest Christmas ad. It had a short shelf life, however, as it was banned by Clearcast, the organisation that approves ads before they are broadcasted to the public for being ‘too political’. The animated video, narrated by actress Emma Thompson, highlighted how endangered species are losing their natural habitats due to the production of palm oil. Rainforests are being torn down to plant more palms. The orangutan especially is affected as it’s been declared critically endangered and 25 die a day. You won’t see our Christmas advert on TV this year, because it was banned. But we want to share Rang-tan’s

Explore the wonders of Iceland in just 3 days

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Feeling the need to escape your daily routine? Living in a big city can be quite challenging, as there is always too much going on and so little time. Going away for three days to discover a remote but beautiful country could be everything you need right now.   Iceland’s popularity has come to an all-time high this year and with good reason. The beautiful landscapes and geological treasures on the island are sights you simply cannot get anywhere else in the world: From the luminous Northern Lights to active volcanoes, the places you can see just outside the capital Reykjavík are simply mesmerising. The challenge Voice of London faced was to pick and choose the best sights and activities you can do in Iceland in just three days. There is plenty to discover, to the point th