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EKAJ: A Film Highlighting Key Issues Amongst LGBT Youth

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EKAJ is the debut feature film created by first time female director, filmmaker and photographer; Cati Gonzalez. Reporter:  Sasha Wickenden | Sub-Editor: Alex Clement The film is currently doing the film festival run across the US and has also previewed in Spain and Lisbon. Already the film has done well to impress the critics and has been awarded ‘Best Film’ at the NY Downtown Urban Arts Festival. It was also awarded ‘Best Feature Film’ and ‘Best First Time Director’ at the Philadelphia Independent film festival. The movie had its UK debut in Leeds this October at the No Gloss Film Festival. EKAJ is filmed in an unconventional style. It has both a documentary and raw feel to it, tackling a lot of serious issues such as homelessness in a big city. The film was inspired by Midnight Co