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Landlords boycott housing and homelessness charity Shelter

Landlords boycott housing and homelessness charity Shelter

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The Landlords Alliance, a newly formed landlord association “fighting against onerous tax and harmful, unnecessary regulations”, has set its sights on Shelter, a housing and homelessness charity. Larry Sweeney, founder and CEO of the Landlords Alliance, has advocated a boycott of companies including Marks & Spencer and B&Q due to their fundraising support of Shelter, which he claims are the instigators of a “huge wave of negativity” in the media towards landlords. Speaking to the Voice of London, Sweeney said: “there’s more in the media about bad landlords than there are about drug dealers and paedophiles,” going on to say that “[Shelter] is not a homeless charity, it doesn’t house anybody.” Shelter is a registered charity no. 263710 in England & Wales, and no. SC0
London’s Homelessness Crisis

London’s Homelessness Crisis

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Putting faces to the faceless: Voice of London speaks to Sian, a rough sleeper who calls the Strand branch of Tesco, her bedroom.  “I used to volunteer in homeless shelters a couple years ago” says Sian who’s bundled up under a sleeping bag with her hat pulled down over her ears, sat outside Tesco Strand Express. She looks as if she’s in her forties but after speaking to her, I find out she’s only 34. There is a steady stream of people walking by, each more excited than the other about the West-End show they’re en-route to see, or the Christmas lights and festivities just around the corner; yet no one seems to notice her. It’s a tale as old as time as Sian says: “you don’t think it’ll ever happen to you, but it does.” “I used to work for the NHS. I was dismissed last year after p

An evolution of squatting in East London

An architect, a former businessman, and a nomadic walk into an empty building…. And show us how community living can work in 2017; Two and a half years of innovative freedom in the shape of an East London warehouse is coming to an end on November 19th. The Hive in Dalston, that’s been a home to numerous people, as well as a fertile soil to locals’ passions and ideas, is closing its doors, potentially, to allow new ones to open up. On November 16th, the people of The Hive will be sharing the experience and wisdom they’ve gained, in a conference they are hosting, which is expected to be attended by some of the most influential figures in the city. Hand by hand with their hosting landlord, they are willing to create a lobby that will challenge our perception of social living in the

Fat Macy’s: The social enterprise in London helping young people secure permanent residence

Since 2010 there has been a 50% rise in homelessness. So that’s where Fat Macy’s comes in, its a food company which works with London’s youth who are currently stuck in temporary accommodation. Meg Doherty and her team provide young people with the chance to be a part of a community which creates various gastronomic pop-up events across the city. However the tasty concept has gone down so well in the capital that funding for a more permanent location has already been secured. The idea behind Fat Macy’s has been up and running for around a year and a half, where over 100 different events and supper clubs been rolled out over the capital. Fat Macy’s stated that one of their main focuses before funding was received for the permanent value was to deliver the public ‘supper clubs’, which co