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Tyson Fury: The Most Misunderstood Champion

Tyson Fury: The Most Misunderstood Champion

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Despite Tyson Fury's controversial, crude and over exaggerated character, has his personal issues allowed his outlandish persona to be understood? Reporter: Alex Zendra Tyson Fury, the unconventional, weird, outrageous British boxer who accomplished an unlikely task, ending the decade reign of- Wladimir Klitschko- in their fight. The Britton- Fury saw his stock had risen from defeating the Ukrainian world champion- from the boxing community. Not exactly from the entire British public. Many people understand the former heavyweight champion of the world to be, brash, arrogant, rude and a weird character-… but an excellent pugilist. Tyson had left remarks which the media understood as sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. Statements such as “Zionist Jewish people own all the banks all
Millennial – Issue 1

Millennial – Issue 1

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Welcome to Millennial. This is the premier issue of our new lifestyle magazine directed at young Londoners. It's a publication dedicated to covering the issues you care about and delivering the best tech, food, travel and health features. This is also our Winter edition, so it's packed full of festive Christmas features too. Created as a collaboration between The Voice of London's Lifestyle and Food teams.  

Get your custom nutrition supplements delivered to your doorstep

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Meet Evermore, a health start-up aiming to improve our health with customised nutrition supplements delivered to your doorstep.  Reporter: Alina Isachenka | Sub-Editor: Mariya Grinina With an ever-increasing number of Londoners seeking to improve their lifestyle and wellness, the market for health supplements  is on the rise. We speak with entrepreneur Axel Wehr who believes that personalised nutrition is the key to a happy and healthy living. Wehr introduces his newborn start-up Evermore and explains how  the custom-made food supplements are beneficial to our lives.

Chilli helps you live longer

Spicy food encourages longer life according to latest scientific discoveries. Reporter: Ivelina Nikolova | Subeditor: Visnja Marjanovic Researchers from Harvard University examined a Chineese study which took place for the period of seven years among 485 thousand people, more than 20 thousand of whom died for the period. All participants filled surveys about their diet and lifestyle, and handed over medical exams’ results for the aim of the research which appeared in BMJ. A spacier diet promises a longer life. Although researched can’t certainly say why, chili is proven life stimulator since people are 10 percent less likely to die if they consume chilli flavoured food. Besides, having spicy food daily reduces your risk of death with 14percent. Of course, there are other facto