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The (un)happiest places to live in London have been revealed

The (un)happiest places to live in London have been revealed

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Londoners are often joked about as being grumpy and unhappy, by tourists who feel the brunt of our unhappiness when they decide to get on the tube without waiting for everyone to get off - or god forbid, stand on the left-hand side of the escalator.  However, it seems people may have a point because the results of the 'Happy at Home' index taken out by Right Move has proven that London really is one of the unhappiest places to live in the UK. Dagenham and Barking come in as the unhappiest, with Brent, Newham and Harrow coming in close behind. We've created an interactive map that allows you to find out how your borough measures up. Do you live in Richmond, the capitals happiest area? Or are you living in Harrow, which is among the worst for unhappiness? The 'Happy at Home' index
Students In The Studio

Students In The Studio

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A common myth about pursuing a career in the arts is that the success rate is very low, which discourages and prevents a lot of individuals from going into what they love. You wouldn’t expect the girl that’s board folding a t-shirt to have a stellar range of abstract paintings in her bedroom, or that the boy behind the counter at Subway has a three octave vocal range. After speaking to multiple students studying art here at The University of Westminster, they offered insight into their work and the what has inspired them and their own works. In the cluttered art studios located in the Harrow campus, Taylor Ellis (second year digital art), Sarajane Martin (second year painter), Aidan Currie (first year sculpture) and Jenö Davies (first year sculpture) talked about their personal experien

Christmas atmosphere in London

With Christmas in less than two weeks, it is hard not to notice the magical atmosphere all around. Let’s have a look around the city to see how the preparation goes! Reporter: Natalia Sokolowska | Sub-editor: Marta Szymborska   Oxford Street is well known worldwide for a lot of things. A lot of shops, a lot of people, a lot of Christmas decorations in October... And while we can find it funny to see all of those lights more than two months before this special day in December, it makes us feel more christmassy while it is already snowless December (again...). It is already fifty-seventh time when we can admire those decorations. This year is special, as each one of the stars can be 'bought' and dedicated to the person we love for 5 pounds- the money goes to charity- the NSP