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2017 Taste of London (Festive Edition): As told by a uni student

2017 Taste of London (Festive Edition): As told by a uni student

A subjective guide to the food deemed worthy of a struggling uni student's money at the Taste of London 2017. Voice of London reports...    Before even entering the festival, my friend and I are devising the first step to our attack plan: "Okay, we get in. Hit the nearest bathrooms, and then find drinks, right?" "Right." On the partly cloudy afternoon of November 19th, my main concern is warmth. Two cures for that? Hot chocolate and alcohol. Searching for a stand serving mulled anything, frankly, we stumble across the Winter Warm Bar. They have me at "spiced rum hot chocolate" - organic hot chocolate, spiced rum, and whipped cream? I am finding it hard to find something to complain about. Small, but mighty I am not feeling gypped on the alcohol content either. Sp
Asda blasted for refusing to give out mince pie samples without ID

Asda blasted for refusing to give out mince pie samples without ID

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The pies contain a tiny amount of port and brandy. Asda has come under criticism for refusing to give a mince pie sample to a customer who was not able to present her ID to prove she was over 18 years of age. The supermarket has been giving out slices of its Extra Special Luxury all-butter mince pies for Christmas and is now demanding shoppers to prove their identity to sample their mince pies as they contain pork and brandy. Student Merryn Walker, 21, who was denied a sample because she had no ID at an Asda supermarket at Donnington. Walker said:" It's crazy. You could probably eat a whole box and not be inebriated." The mince pies are described as "generously filled with spiced vine fruits and a splash of rich ruby port and French brandy, all encased in crumbly shortcrust ...

The 5 prettiest holiday collections to snap up this Christmas

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Is there anything that gets you into the festive spirit more than new makeup? Us neither, and here are the best of the best. Christmas is right around the corner and all of our favourite beauty brands are gearing up with new festive collections. Cue fabulous packaging, stunning colours and plenty of sparkles. Whether you are going all out on a Christmas themed beauty haul or just looking for something little to build your collection, we have picked the best and brightest baubles from the holiday collections to make sure your face is dressed for the occasion. https://www.instagram.com/p/BbiW_HuhalM/?taken-by=maccosmetics 1. MAC MAC has launched possibly the best and sparkliest collection we have ever seen for this holiday season. Fittingly named the Snowball collection, it includes

Seven wacky gin flavours for each day of the week- plus an even wackier one for Christmas

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Why limit yourself to just a slice of lemon and lime? Get creative with your gin and tonic and surprise your guests this upcoming Christmas. Once upon a time, the main conversation was whether lemon or lime was the better option. Oh, how times have changed! Today, gin has not only become UK's signature fragrant liquor but one of the country's best-selling spirits, with people consuming nigh of 1.12billion gin and tonics in 2016. Gin sales are even predicted to surpass whiskey by 2019. In fact, according to "The Gin Queen", Caroline Childerly, the UK tax office makes more money from gin sales than beer! As distillers try to stand out from the crowd, the market has been flooded with more and more gin flavors to beat out the competition. Portobello Road Gin leads the pack with its origi