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Exploring modern feminism through the medium of theatre

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Samantha Ellis, author of How to date a Feminist, says men can be feminists too — but can they really? Reporter: Sarah Louhichi I Sub-Editor: Cecilia Peruzzi Steve and Kate are in love but, when proposing, Steve says: “Before you say anything, I want to apologise. I want to apologise for the patriarchy.” This is because Steve is a feminist. How to Date a Feminist is a fantastic play that explores the possibilities of feminism in a hilarious rom-com type production. Everything would be great if it wasn’t for their exes; on the one hand we have Carina, Steve’s feminist ex, who meets his mom more frequently than he does. On the other we have Ross, who's Kate’s slightly macho ex, and also her current boss. Not to mention, their parents are two individuals who couldn’t be more

Guerrilla Girls – is it worse in Europe? Exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery

With over 100 street projects, posters and stickers all over the world – including a comfortably large display at the Tate Modern - the feminist activist artists, Guerrilla Girls, are tackling an ongoing fear with their latest exhibition: rejection. Reporter: Anisha Chowdhury | Sub-Editor: James Brookes Taking over the Whitechapel Gallery in London’s East End, the collective have contacted galleries from across the world to find out why women are so underrepresented in the art world. The walls are plastered with correspondence from the group’s emails to other galleries. Simple messages with questions about the female artists within those organisations, if there were any. Empty emails that avoided answering anything directly. Rejection and reluctant cooperation are rife among them

London’s coolest collective, Gal-dem, are taking over Friday Lates at the Victoria & Albert Museum

The return of the V&A Friday Late is here and ready to spice up your winter weekends. Reporter: Emily Fortune | Sub-Editor: Anisha Chowdhury The end of 2016 is fast approaching, with Halloween just around the corner. Although, we do have one thing to get excited about this winter: The V&A Friday Late show has returned. This time, showcasing the incredibly diverse, progressive work of women of colour from London’s coolest publication, Gal-dem. Friday Late hosts a variety of exhibitions, performances and activities and Gal-dem certainly haven’t fallen short on ways to entertain their visitors. The show includes live performances from women in the grime scene, panels with speakers such as Stylist Ayishat Akanbi, discussing the lives of women of colour in the world’s of art, m
Bechdel Test Fest Director Corrina Antrobus On Women In Film

Bechdel Test Fest Director Corrina Antrobus On Women In Film

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Women constitute just over 50% of the UK population, and we are oh-so-tired of being under-represented on the big screen. I spoke to one of the most inspiring feminist film critics in London, Corrina Antrobus, to find out more about her work with the Bechdel Test Fest and what the average female can do about the representation of women in film. Words: Alina Kay, Subeditor: Lauren Burgess Favourite recent film: My Skinny Sister (dir. Sanna Lenken) Favourite director: Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank) Sometimes, I get too exhausted for all this. Then someone tells me 'films & feminism don't mix' & I think right then...back to work. — Corrina Antrobus (@corrinacorrina) October 21, 2015 That's right Corrina, keep doing what you do!