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Are fast food burgers really immortal?

Are fast food burgers really immortal?

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The Internet is filled with photos and videos of burgers which seem to never go bad. Tweets of McDonald's burgers (also known as 'immortal burgers'), in particular, not showing any signs of mould after being left out in the open for a while have been extremely popular. If you haven't heard or seen any of this, then my friend, you've been living under a rock. Don't worry about it though because we've got your back. We've decided to test this theory -- three burgers from three different fast food chains were filmed for seven days to see whether any of them would get mouldy, and if so, which one would get mouldy first and the most. To find out more click on the video below: It is a bit concerning that it took all burgers around four to five days to show the first signs of mould,

Black History Month: 5 people to make you proud

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Words: Stephany Malcolm | Subbing: Kate Reichdart It's Black History Month. During the month of October we celebrate what it means to be black, and how black people have truly changed the world. We can all think of iconic black figures like Malcolm X... but don't be fooled; black people in the UK are continuing to make history and break new records.   1. Stormzy       2. Edward Enninful   3. Anthony Joshua     4. Thandie Newton     5. Idris Elba The date has been marked in the UK for more than 30 years, providing art exhibitions, music events and celebrations. Make this month count and find out how you can get involved.   All images from