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8 struggles of a Coeliac

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“Gluten free” - a term used far too much recently. But for those of you whose entire life isn’t dominated by a tiny grain, do you really know what it’s like to be gluten free? For a Coeliac (also known as Celiac), our chronic disease can affect all aspects of our lives, from our ability to have children to our fashion choices.  Now with the gluten-free diet coming further into fashion, there is a general misconception of what being Coeliac really is. It isn’t as glamorous as you may imagine. Yes, Instagrammers and celebs swear by this diet to lose weight, but trust me it is NOT fun. The Voice of London has come up with a list of 8 struggles Coeliacs have to go through every day, that dieters will NEVER understand. 1. "I would die if I had to give up *insert yummy gluten food*” Yes,
Food and multitasking, is it healthy and  productive?

Food and multitasking, is it healthy and productive?

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Some of us love having a screen in our faces while eating, whether it is at work on your desk, or at home watching TV. Ayurvedic therapist Niti Nayee, told the Voice of London that we should eat with the TV off. In fact, all screens off. She also says that we eat the meal with a lot more mindfulness and consciousness, as it is about the energy that goes into the process of eating food. What is ayurvedic therapy? This is the oldest holistic medical system in the world. Originated in India, it promotes herbal medicine and very precise diets. Practitioners take the mind, body and soul into account. “I would rather eat a banana cake that I made - which may not be the most nutritious choice from a diet point of view, rather than a store-bought, raw, vegan banana cake. Whe
Mum was right – I should have eaten slowly

Mum was right – I should have eaten slowly

Remember the time when mummy told you to eat your food slowly? Well, there is a reason behind it. We all have days when we return home after a hard day’s work starving, drained and ready for a well-deserved nap. You open the fridge to find some leftover mac’n’cheese that has been there for a while. ‘’It will do,’’ you think to yourself, quickly gulping it down just so you could reunite with your one and only true love - bed. As benevolent as this might first appear, a new study has found that gobbling your meals has several side effects. According to the study, presented at the the American Heart Association's (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2017, gobblers are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome, which could lead to a cluster of issues, such as obesity, high blood pressure and

How much influence do food videos have on students?

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It is no secret that after a long day at university, students like to come home and browse through their social media sites; snapchatting friends, tagging people in the latest memes and liking pictures. What is better, is that food channels are becoming more and more popular- especially amongst students. Although they are not essentially new, as, food icons like Ina Garten and Gordon Ramsay have been around for decades. They are however aesthetically pleasing to watch but, the real question is: do students end up making what they watch? Browsing through Facebook, it can be guaranteed that friends have tagged each other in videos on “How to make cookie dough in a mug” or a seven-minute video on “What to do with leftover chicken”. You, yourself have been tagged in these videos and, ho