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Cutting meat out of your diet will not make you look like your super skinny vegan friend

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Having recently learned that pigs have the ability to learn to play video games faster than your average three year-old (I swear, fact check me), I revisited my yearning to cut meat out of my diet despite my horrific lack of willpower. When talking to a friend about just this, she mentioned she would only cut meat out of her diet as a means of losing weight. This had me wondering, would simply just cutting meat out of my diet facilitate weight loss? Seems too easy - and it is. But, only to an extent. While cutting meat out of your diet can aid in weight-loss, it takes a fair amount of nutritional education to be sure that you are getting enough protein, not too many carbohydrates, and maintaining a balanced diet while trying to lose weight as a vegan or vegetarian. I had...