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No more R-rated movies if Disney buys 20th Century Fox?

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Words: Yujia Yang | Subbing: Joanne Clark As reported by CNBC, Disney would like to purchase 20th Century Fox. Not the whole company, however, but its movie studio, television production unit and entertainment networks. Fox would keep their Fox broadcast network, Fox Sports, and Fox News. when disney officially buys fox — ɴ ⚡️ (@tomskgard) 2017年11月7日 Nevertheless, talks have taken place over the last few weeks and the two companies are still negotiating. After the news was reported, most fans of Fox over the globe are worried if and when Disney purchases and owns the characters that 21st Century Fox currently holds, that movies of Fox’s style will disappear because Disney may not film R-rated movies. The worry is that the two companies are too different