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Culture Clash: Asian Families on Creativity

Measuring success has always been a subjective matter. For some, such as many Asian communities, it’s based on a wealth of knowledge and prosperity, while others base success on the horsepower of their car and the price of their watch. Although, it is difficult for Asians in a western society to aim as high as wealthy white folk, as the playing field is far from level. Reporter: Anisha Chowdhury | Sub-Editor: Larissa Gliddon  Amal now studies a Fine Art degree at Central Saint Martins | (Amal Ahmed) For as long as I remember, my mother would tell me about how her father came to this country and struggled for years to make ends meet, just to give his children the future they deserve. She then went on to tell me that she has also spent her whole life doing the same, getting married at 19
Amsterdam in 2016 – Brothels, bud, bicycles and beyond

Amsterdam in 2016 – Brothels, bud, bicycles and beyond

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Could the ongoing development project that includes a modern makeover of the Red Light District really transform the city of sin’s infamous reputation? Reporter and Photographer: Visnja Marjanovic | Subeditor: Ivelina Nikolova “Okay, go get it.” “No, you’re the older one, you do it!” “Yes, I am the older one, so I am telling you to do it.” I sighed. Having a cool older sister by your side in Amsterdam, one would think she’d be the one providing the drugs. Prior to my trip, my friend from the Netherlands did try to clarify the rocket science behind the drugs law, but the multiple contradictions left me even more confused. The Dutch drug policy considers the use of soft drugs a health matter – a matter of personal use - and it is comparable to the alcohol and tobacco consumption. So