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Love Island’s Olivia Buckland urges us all to check and know our bodies as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Olivia Buckland, 23, fiancé to her Love Island lover, Alex Bowen, and mother to French bulldog, Reggie, hasn’t remained a beach babe since her time in the villa. She’s copping a feel too. She’s put her name, and her breasts, to the all important CoppaFeel! Campaign. The campaign raises awareness everywhere to remind men and women to check their chests to catch breast cancer as early as possible - as it’s the most common type of cancer in the UK. The campaign is all about ‘trusting your touch’, featuring Oliva Buckland, Alex Bowen, television presenter AJ Odudu, blogger Anna Newton, and vlogger Lily Pebbles. Voice of London spoke to Olivia Buckland to find out what it was like for herself and her fiancé to feature in their latest camp

Generation Boob Job

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Medical reasons or pure vanity, why do so many millennials turn to breast surgery? Breast augmentations and implants may not be as popular as 10 years ago but breast surgery continues to seduce more and more young people worldwide. The development of new plastic surgery techniques and procedures such as remodelling or lifting makes boob jobs very popular especially with the X generation. Leopoldine, a 23 years old French law student had breast remodelling for her 18th Birthday. Meghna, a 20 years old Indian student, on the other hand, had breast surgery for medical reasons. These two millennials shared with us the story behind their boob jobs. The culture of social media and selfies has changed people’s perception of their physical appearance. It became an obsession for the youn