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If tattoos could talk

If tattoos could talk

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From Winston Churchill’s anchor tattoo to Beckham’s fully-inked arm, body art has been a form of creative expression for hundreds of years. Nowadays, tattoos are becoming mainstream, but is there more than what meets the eye? These “fashionable ink accessories” have been a part of the British subculture since the Victorian era, when they were incredibly popular amongst sailors. Back then, the visual impact of the basic anchor, usually located on the shoulder wasn’t supposed to be attractive, but rather thoughtful. Tattoos had one duty: to tell stories about the sailors’ voyages and the places where they served. Gone are the days when tattoo studios were only found in back alleys on the outskirts of London. Due to its alternative and cultural vibes, the capital of the UK serves

Body and Art: Karis Crawford

As the female body image evolves, female artists are now more concerned than ever to keep us aware of the warts-and-all image that is the actual female form. Reporter: Anisha Chowdhury | Sub-Editor: Andrew Whiteford In 1866, French artist Gustave Courbet created the ‘Origin of the world’, illustrating close ups of the female genitalia, in its most honest form. The eroticism of the pieces was heightened by its true and rich representation, without the need for flattery or sugar coating. For the past years, girls around the world have been using art to express their own version of what female body image should represent. Amongst young artists in western society, it has become an increasing trend to be vulgar and unapologetic with their visuals. Through this, women are able to reclaim th

Stylists Need Women in the UK to Know their Body Types

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Are you tired of not being able to wear the things you like because they don’t sit right on you? Does your wardrobe look like it’s crying out for a change? Stylists are urging the women of the UK to learn their body shapes in order to be able to dress it right. Reporter: Pinar Djafer | Sub-editor: Grace Brown Wardrobe stylists have revealed that the trick for looking incredible is knowing your silhouette and choosing the pieces that are proportionate for your body type. You could be adding width and losing height to your proportion just by dressing your body in the wrong pieces. Fashion student at the London College of Contemporary Arts, Paloma Laudat, 21 said: “Studying fashion teaches you that the best clothes are not always the ones that are trending. The right pieces in fashio