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Pick-six? Tight end? We tested Londoners’ NFL knowledge

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What does London know about NFL rules 10 years after the very first American football game on the British soil? Since 2007, London sports arenas are filled to the top with fans dressed in various NFL jerseys every autumn. We cheer clashes between athletes from across the pond following the Star Spangled Banner played out loud. It’s fair to say London has embraced the discipline, but have we actually learnt the game’s basics? Do we know what kneeling is as much as the offside rule in soccer? Can we explain the role of a tight end as succinctly as where a centre forward operates on the pitch? As gridiron came back to its roots last Sunday and at Twickenham, England's home of rugby, the Arizona Cardinals were defeated by the LA Rams 33-0; the Voice of London joined the crowd and asked

American ownership hoodoo: a myth or pattern?

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The Guardian and New York Times writer James Montague tells The Voice of London about the reality behind American ownership in football, its genesis and impact. That Americans don’t know much about football has become a cliché almost as common as that white men can’t jump. Yet, in London there are three clubs owned by investors from across the pond: Arsenal, Crystal Palace and Fulham. What else is a common thread between them? They haven’t been particularly successful for some time now. “It’s just a different way of getting what success is,” says James Montague, author of the book The Billionaires Club, which delves into the issue of wealthy oligarchs taking over football. Listen to James Montague bringing up the only non-money American takeover story, explaining the origin of the

How we celebrated NFL’s 10th anniversary in London

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Sunday's clash between the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings rounded up the 10th year of NFL London games. So how did it go? London this year has seen a record four games of American football at its two historic stadiums, Wembley and Twickenham. Although not all of them kept spectators at the edge of their seats, there was enough drama on and off the pitch to make them memorable. From the very first kneeling protests against Donald Trump, to cross-sports emotional encounters; the Voice of London has taken a look at how we celebrated NFL in the British capital this year. The games tagged #NFLUK on social media kicked off with the audacious and divisive kneeling protest during the first game at Wembley, won by the Jacksonville Jaguars 44-7 against the Baltimore Ravens. The pl

Bears’ tight end Zach Miller breaks his leg while scoring controversial touchdown

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  After Gordon Hayward’s horrible injury last week in the NBA, another sportsman's body part completely twisted in the middle of a broadcast, this time during an NFL game. Chicago Bears' offensive lineman Zach Miller had just caught a ball in the end-zone, when he landed awkwardly; and his knee bent. After official review, the play was later overturned and ruled as an incomplete pass. A decision criticised by many. "To me that looks like a catch”, said former NFL vice president of Officiating Dean Blandino, who now works for FOX Sports. We've checked Londoners' NFL knowledge. Have a look. Detroit Lions’ wide receiver and NFL star Golden Tate took his frustration to Twitter, describing the situation as 'new low'. The team, which lost 20-12 to New Orleans Saints, h