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Sunset Sons Finishes Their UK Tour On a High

After hearing them perform last year as a supporting act for Imagine Dragons, Sunset Sons have grown to the top of the list as one of my favourite bands, ever.

Reporter: Alex Clement | Sub-Editor: Chelsea Jobe

I have now seen them play live four times, and I am in love with them even more now than I was almost a year ago.

The band consists of Rory Williams, lead singer and keyboard player; Robin Windram, a guitarist; Pete Harper, a bass player; and Jed Laidlaw, a drummer.  They originate from the South of France and have climbed the music ladder.

Credit: Alex Clement

Since their last gig as a supporting act, they have gone on to headline their own tour. From March to August of this year, taking a break in September then to our surprise, went on another tour in the UK this month.

After their last show in Cardiff in November, they will be heading to Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and then finally ending up in the place where they currently reside in, France.

As soon as I heard of this additional tour, I had to go again. I dragged a few friends with me and headed off to Shepherd’s Bush in London where they were performing at the 02 Empire.

Credit: Alex Clement
Credit: Alex Clement

Jessarae and Airways were the supporting acts for Sunset Sons. I had never heard of them before but the beauty of supporting acts is that they are an artist you can grow to love.

That’s how I discovered Sunset Sons.

Doors opened at 7pm, but Sunset Sons didn’t come on until gone 9pm. Standing there with a beer in my hand and my phone in the other, whilst chatting along to my friends, I was slightly nervous about the gig. I had already been three other times and met them. This feeling did not make sense.

Credit: Alex Clement
photo one
Credit: Alex Clement
photo 2
Credit: Alex Clement

Soon after, when the boys came on the stage, all fears and worries left me. Everyone in the room went crazy including myself, who rocked it out until they finished their set. I lost my voice, and heard a ringing sound you hear at the end of a night out in a club.

That’s when you know you have had a good night out. I really hope they come back soon.

Sunset Sons celebrated the release of their album Very Rarely Say Die on 1 April. With their rock and indie vibe, they will cause a storm on the official charts. Their latest single VROL, which was released 21 October, was amazing to hear live for the very first time.

Some of the songs on the album include She Wants, Tick Tock, September Song, Somewhere Maybe, Bring the Bright Lights, Loa and Lost Company. You can visit their Youtube channel here.

Credit: Alex Clement
Credit: Alex Clement
Credit: Alex Clement
Credit: Alex Clement

Have a look at some of the footage taken from that night via Facebook live:

Recording One

Recording Two

Recording Three