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“Suck my D*ck!” Perez Hilton Fires Back At Angelina Jolie Over Threats To Be Sued

This comes after Hilton’s coverage over the Brandgelina split. The American blogger is famed for his delivery on dishing the dirt and trashing celebrities.

Reporter: Raynor Fry |  Sub-editor: Alex Clement

Source: Radaronline

In the Perez vs. Jolie chronicles, Jolie’s lawyers contacted the controversial celebrity blogger, where they threatened legal action if he didn’t alter his posts about her split with husband, actor Brad Pitt.

But, the ever-bitchy Perez didn’t take too kindly to the 41-year-old actresses’ request. He demanded an apology by stating to have been offended and a “huge fan and supporter of hers” [telling Jolie and her lawyers]: “Fuck YOU. And suck my dick!” Meow.

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In other news, #AngelinaJolie’s lawyers at Greenberg Glusker have just threatened to sue me for my coverage of her split from #BradPitt. ME!! I have always been one of Angelina Jolie’s loudest and strongest supporters and defenders!!!!! This was my email back to Angelina’s lawyers, #BertFields and #PriyaSapori. Glad I’m not running for president!!

A photo posted by Perez Hilton (@theperezhilton) on Oct 8, 2016 at 1:48pm PDT


Ding, Ding! That locker room talk though. Round 1 – Jolie, Round 2 – Perez. Hilton’s catty posts were met with mixed reaction from fans.    Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 17.09.08

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I doubt the gracious Angelina will go anywhere near Hilton’s crotch, and we can bet that she isn’t going to back down either. How will Jolie and her lawyers respond?

Jolie cited irreconcilable differences as the reason behind the divorce, with reports claiming that it was due to Pitt’s behaviour around their 6 kids, in which she has demanded full custody of.

Oh, Perez. For your sake, let’s hope she’s still remembers how much of a proclaimed fan you are.