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Storm Abigail Set To Disrupt Travel

The Met Office has placed amber ‘be prepared’ alerts across Britain tonight and tomorrow with Storm Abigail on its way. With up to 90 mph winds expected in some places, travel disruption is imminent.

Words: Grace Faulkner, Subeditor: Tessa Ross


The previous grade of yellow ‘be aware’ was replaced amid fears that winds will rise from 60 to 90 mph. Lightning and high tides across Scotland have also been a cause for concern. The main areas to take the brunt of Storm Abigail are Scotland and northern cities like Blackpool are set to be faced with high winds.

Speaking to the Metro, RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Strong, sudden gusts of wind can be very dangerous for motorists driving in exposed areas so we are urging motorists not to be caught out by Storm Abigail. The ‘invisible’ force of the wind can lead to vehicles unexpectedly being knocked off course, sometimes with devastating consequences”.

Storms set to hit.
Storm Abigail to hit the U.K. Source: MaritimeWeather

Travel disruption is being warned with delays to aircrafts, ferries, trains and also warnings for people travelling in their cars. Invisible winds are said to be the cause of many accidents, paticularly lorries travelling on back roads or motorways at high speeds.

Further down the country in York, the River Ouse has burst its banks with water running onto main roads and down the shopping streets.


River Ouse has burst its bank as Storm Abigail arrives. Source: PA
River Ouse has burst its bank as Storm Abigail arrives. Source: PA

Storm Abigail is the first in the ‘name our storms’ project devised by the Met Office to alert the public when storms that are predicted to have a substantial impact on the U.K. and public safety are set to hit. Abigail was the first name on the list of winning names.

So, our advice if you’re thinking about travelling up North – wait until after the weekend!

Brace yourself for blustery winds and a lot of rain.