Monday, October 15The Voice of London

Should there be drug testing for domestic level amateur athletes?

By Alex Zendra. Subbed by Sajid Hassan

There has been regulation for professional athletes with anti-doping- however amateur athletes have been neglected.

Speaking exclusively to Voice London, England Boxing affiliated coach, Richard Solano Wilson, said: “I think drug testing across the board should take place. Absolutely. I’m concerned about the lack of drug testing at amateur level as I suspect there are boxers out there taking advantage of the lack of monitoring processes.”


The subject here is among amateur athletes, but an example can be transferred from the professional British boxing scene for example, in May 2012, Ali Adams who fought Audley tested positive for a banned substance, for this lower level domestic contest. Despite its insignificance, it delivers full credit to the UK Anti-Doping Agency. Like most strict anti-doping, urine and blood tests are conducted, predominantly with world championship bouts. Professional or Amateur.

In a statement, UKAD said: “Stanozolol is banned at all times in sport. There is no reason for it to be found in an athlete’s system.” The UK anti-doping agency should be applauded for their identification of this. However, this is not accomplished with every domestic level contest, and is where the issue lies.

This is a professional sporting issue, and by comparison is neglected on amateur level sports. Specifically boxing, domestic amateur level bouts are not regulated through drug testing. Even the last English and Southern area title bouts, in September; of the Amateur Boxing Association of England, there was no testing conducted.

As an amateur boxer, I have competed in regional and national competitions and have never been tested. It becomes problematic as testing for domestic professional level athletes is scarce. You’d think this was a problem throughout the boxing community in Britain, yet domestic level amateur athletes have no tests to be challenged with.

Drug testing for amateurs is nonexistent.