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Shopicks: The Life Saving Web Browser Tool

You’ve liked a particular item and you want to buy it but you have forgotten the website or can’t find it anymore? It has happened to everyone. That is why Shopicks are offering you a great way to save anything you’ve liked and quickly finding it after.

Words: Mariya Hristova Subeditor: Tamara Hutchinson

Shopicks (


The web browser tool is easy to access and install with just a Facebook login. It also has a mobile app version because we all know that people use mostly their smartphones instead of computers. It is just more convenient.


How does it work?

You need to drag the item you like to the bottom of the page, it automatically will open a toolbar where everything gets saved. Shopicks adds all the details about your pick and it also sends you alerts if the item goes on sale. In that way, the web browser tool helps you save money and get good deals. You can share your shopping list with family and friends so they can also make the right decisions when it comes to birthdays and Christmas presents.


If you want to do your shopping in a smart way, go and give Shopicks a try. It will make your life easier.