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Shia LaBeouf Hosts New York Event #ALLMYMOVIES

Only Shia LaBeouf would marathon his own movies and stream himself watching them for the whole of the internet to see.

Words: Alice Marshall, Subeditor: Natasha Bandlish

Shia LaBeouf, the guy known for that video and putting a paper bag on his head as he walked the red carpet, has taken it upon himself to marathon all of his films. (The clue really was in the name.)

Source: Wikipedia

The event is currently taking place in New York (10th-12th) at the Angelika Film Center, and admission is completely free. Better book our flights to America now then, yeah?

The icing on the cake? Not only do you get to bask in all of LaBeouf’s filmographic glory, but, if you’re not there, you can hop on over to a corner of the internet and watch the guy watch his films. What kind of crazy inception is that? We might have found it a bit narcissistic if it wasn’t him, to be honest.