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Russia Officially Bans Fast Food Ads, Will Britain Follow?

Rospotrebnadzor, The Ministry Of Health and the FAS rejected to support the ban on advertising fast food in Russia. If you think Britain is being hit by the fast food bug and doing nothing about it, you are thinking in the right direction. There may have been a drastic shift in the fast food industry and the rise of online ordering services, and takeaways might be a small step in the process. But it’s the fried-chicken shop sensation that should worry us.

Words: Lyubomira Ivanova, Subeditor: Toni Hart 

It is commonly accepted that Britain has already followed the American fast-food model. It is not to say that all fast food chains are gone for good, and yet the takeaway market is also growing and drastically changing. Overall there are 205 McDonald’s trading all across London.

According to a survey by Euromonitor, Moscow has twice as many. In a place where fast food continues to be a leading competitor in the consumer foodservice, it is quite understandable why such bans are now in place. And yet should Britain get on the last train of change before it has left?

Photo Source: Tumblr

It has been over a century since brits got the takeaway fever, and as it seems it’s not a habit it will get rid of soon. So while Britain might be a nation of fast food addicts, Voucher has announced the three main favourites in the UKs top 10 takeaways.

The first place goes for the Chinese lovers, followed by Indian takeaway, and last but not least fish and chips.  So as long as the places we order our food from are credible aggregators of quality meals, there is nothing wrong with them.

And yet, it is worth noting that most of those places and online services are not that famous among the young brits.

Cheap, quick and easy to find, the chicken shop is part of youngsters lives. They are like fixed stations, one can quickly stop by on the way back from school and work.

Fried chicken shops have taken over the British High Street. It is not the shops that should worry us, it is more about what they actually sell. Buying a single fried chicken meal offers almost a day’s worth of calories.

And while there might be few more efficient and equally as tasty ways of injecting those calories, the fried chicken sensation is here and most likely will stay for a while.