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Rapman Tackles Male Suicide In “Rollercoaster”

Rapman and SBTV have teamed up to create a music video that addresses the important issue of male suicide and the stigma attached to it.

Words: Simone Wright Subeditor: Karolina Zilenaite

Yesterday was International Men’s Day; a day based on a set of uplifting objectives, such as focusing on male health and promoting gender equality.

SBTV and Rapman have collaborated with male suicide prevention charity CALM to produce a video for “Rollercoaster”: a song that tackles the issue of male suicide and aims to fight off some of the stigma attached to men’s mental health.

Every year in the UK, up to 5000 men commit suicide, making it the biggest killer of men under 45. Some men are at a higher risk of taking their own lives such those who were in care and those who were excluded from school. Men often encounter more problems when it comes to their mental health as traditional gender roles and masculinity are often defer them from seeking help.

The video itself carries a powerful message, shining a light on a matter that isn’t often in the public eye. There is also some personal motivation behind the project as it was made in recognition of Rapman’s friend who he managed to talk out of committing suicide.

We encourage you to promote awareness of male suicide by using the hashtag #dontbeastatistic. More information on CALM can be found here.