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Quickies, Fanny Packs & My Accidental Night With The MTV EMA Celebrities

Ahead of the MTV Europe Music Awards in Rotterdam, Netherlands this year, it brought back memories of when I was lucky enough to be dining [more like gate crashing] with big celebrities, when it was held in my city of Belfast in 2011.

Reporter: Raynor Fry | Sub-Editor: Larrisa Gliddon

Credit: Raynor Fry

I witnessed some mischievous behaviour between celebs and got to encounter first hand gossip that TMZ would die for. When you see two famous people sneakily running upstairs – I won’t name names – to have a quickie then come down a little while later, with said person quickly fixing their dress, it makes you realise they’re just like us – ordinary people. Cute, right?

My mum and I got given a room in the Europa Hotel that was hosting the official MTV EMA after-party. I felt like the queen bee walking in and out of that hotel, while fans were outside behind barriers hoping to get a glimpse of anyone famous. I remember sticking my head out the hotel window and as I was eight floors up, the fans on the ground couldn’t tell I wasn’t anyone important, so they screamed every time I showed my face. This went on for as long as I got bored.

I was staying on the same floor as pop duo L.M.F.A.O. They were two doors down from me, staying in a suite. I ended up sharing an elevator [several times may I add] with one half of the duo, called Red Foo, around 6:00am we both got into the lift and the look of confusion when I pressed floor 8, while he did at the same time [yes people, our fingers touched]. I got caught staring at Foo’s zebra fanny pack, he said, “He’s called Henry, wanna touch him?” so of course, the others in the lift and I were stroking this guys fanny pack – I’m ashamed.

Credit: Raynor Fry

Red Foo brought back a girl he found downstairs, [see below] while I sat locked outside my hotel door being the biggest cock-block known to man as after failed attempts to find his door key, he noticed me shamefully sat on the ground, then said, “Who’s rooms that?” like I was some crazed fan who was stalking a famous person’s room. I mumbled, “Mine… I’m locked out”. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “Cool! After-party!” Yeah mate, get me a pass then.

Credit: Raynor Fry

As soon as Red Foo left, Gary Lightbody, lead singer of Snow Patrol, came staggering outside the hotel room directly in front, unaware I was witnessing his walk of shame, while he left some woman in the room behind him – classic.

After the hotel employee’s herded us up to the very top floor like a pack of sheep, we were eventually led downstairs when the hotel voyeur was cut in half by a red rope, peasants on one side, the normal people staying in the hotel, and the rich on the other, we weren’t allowed across the line. The only two celebrities to take their time greeting everyone in the voyeur were Katy Perry and Jason Derulo.

Perry didn’t stay long in the after-party, though jealous me thought it did look shit. I called her over for a photo, because I’m tiny I got to do every horny teenage boy’s dream – I got to rest my head on her chest [which was extremely comfortable in the least pervert way possible] as that was my head height, and she smelt like coconuts. I told her this, but I don’t think she could understand my ecstatic Irish accent.

Credit: Raynor Fry

Meeting Jason Derulo made me a fan of his. To this day I talk about how nice he was, regardless of how drunk he may have been, he spent more time running out and chatting to us all than staying in the party.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez walked through the voyeur, looking like wax figures, completely ignoring the people trying to get their attention, Justin’s drunk and well-known bodyguard Kenny, hammered on whisky, came rushing over spewing some rehearsed script that Bieber’s PA probably tells them all to say to disappointed fans when they’re let down, “Justin loves you guys! He wants you to know that you’re loved! He loves his fans.” I wasn’t even there for Bieber, the others standing next to me and I gave him the weirdest look, choking on Kenny’s whisky breath.

Rizzle Kicks are dicks – you heard it exclusively from me. I was so close to them that I could smell the leather of their jackets. They refused to come near the rope to talk or take photos with the hotel guests, I get it if they weren’t up for it but instead, they ran about the voyeur, further rubbing it in that they didn’t give a fuck.

I went outside to join my friends who weren’t allowed to come inside, there I met Brian May from Queen [the nicest guy ever] and he shook my hand. I got to exclaim the famous one liner every fan wants to say, “I’m never going to wash my hand!”

After the hysteria of that, this guy [whom I had no idea who he was] went to get into his chauffeured car but turned around and looked over and we caught eyes for what felt like 10 long seconds, you know those moments where you’re looking around you like, who… me? After the wild-west exchange, he unlocked his glance and got into the car. Little did I know, Jared Leto, lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars, was the guy who was staring into my soul and 20 year old me, would love to be in my 15 year old’s body at that point. To this day, I wonder what made him stop mid-leaving, to look at me for. – A girl can dream.

After several failed attempts at sneaking into the after party with second hand wristbands and trying different doors, touching Red Foo’s fanny pack, smelling Katy Perry, having a stare-off with Jared Leto, hugging Jason Derulo, giving serious side-eye to Rizzle kicks and witnessing the drunken antics of the night. I can happily say I enjoyed my night, while the celebrities lost their dignities.