Monday, October 15The Voice of London

Pre-Production in LongField Drive is Underway

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Words: Jason John

If you remember my interview with Kiosa Sukami, a young filmmaker working to direct a film based on the controversial matter of police brutality and shootings of young African-Americans, Longfield DriveI would like to confirm that the development of the film has already started, but needs support to have it fully fleshed out and ready for the big screen.

The crew of Longfield Dirve have a started an Indiegogo campaign to get funds for them to have actors, costumes, and the necessary equipment to make the film they envisioned since they started writing it. Here is a video showing a promo of the film and the crew’s goal in their campaign:

The promo is sure to tell you that this film will be great to see and pique the interest of everyone. This will most likely be the first film based on current and frequent matter of police shooting young African-Americans, showing the harsh perspective from the officer and the aftermath a situation like this causes for both parties.

All of this could be made from your help. Show your support by giving money to their Indiegogo campaign and make Longfield Drive a reality. Click here to give your contribution.