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Potential Aladdin Sequels Won’t Be Able To Use Robin Williams’ Voice

Williams rightly expected to be exploited after his death, and wrote a few words in his will to prevent it.

Words: Ali Mulaga, Subeditor: Lauren Burgess

We all know how Disney loves their sequels— Toy Story I, II, and III; Monster’s Inc., Monsters University; even The Incredibles is getting a sequel. Thanks to Robin Williams’ will, a new Aladdin sequel featuring the iconic voice is almost certain not going to happen.

Williams voiced Genie in the first and third parts of the Aladdin trilogy: the eponymous 1992 classic and King of Thieves and though executives claim to have enough audio outtakes to make another sequel happen, they cannot do anything about it. Maybe that’s a good thing since ‘illegal’ comes before ‘poor taste’ in Disney’s dictionary.

“The hyperactive motormouth we love from Good Morning Vietnam and Mrs Doubtfire was making 30 jokes a minute,” said a former executive at Disney in a comment to The Sunday Times. “Now, because he insisted on a final say on such material, [the jokes] will remain in the vaults.”

It isn’t just for Disney though. Williams’ has put a twenty-five year ban on ‘fresh exploitation’ of any of his material. The motive behind this: so his family does not have to put up with any of the stresses that come from state penalties that would be charged to his estate.

That all being said, Robin Williams only passed away just over a year ago. To already have had the discussion about his old work being branded as new is definitely in poor taste, and clearly Williams was aware and unhappy about it being a likely possibility.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr