‘Pay as you go’ tours in London

Trafalgar Square at night

Want to get to know London but don’t have the budget to spend? Look no further and explore the city with ‘Pay as you go’ tours. They will provide you with more knowledge and facts which still remain unknown by many Londoners. 

Did you know London is made up of two cities? The City of London and Greater London. Although this goes back to 43 A.D.

To learn more information about these ‘Pay as you go’ tours check out the following video:

Beauty, colour and diversity can all be found in the city, but it can become expensive when tours such as the hop-on, hop-off bus costs £45 per person. In any case, you can walk to the locations yourself, but you will never know the history it contains. This is when these walking tours come in handy, not only would it benefit international students or tourists visiting but British students could find out more information and fascinating historical stories.

‘Wonders of London’ is only one of many tour guiding companies that provide this type of service. Their catalogue of tours exceeds anybody’s expectation from the light-hearted tours exploring the royal side of Westminster to the haunted and creepy secrets London hides to then know the history about beer and gin, where you can stop for a drink in 5 classic pubs.

Central London Map Tours Animated

After attending the Royal Westminster tour, the map I drew contains the route they follow from start to finish. Also, these tours are a great method to get out of bed and do some light exercise by walking at your own pace with the group instead of wasting a Sunday at home.

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Also, it gives you the chance to take pictures of monuments, historical buildings, parks and so on. Whether it rains or it’s a sunny day, they will keep their promise of providing this service instead of postponing it to a date where the weather is much more reasonable.

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