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LIVE: Paris Reels After Attacks

The attacks were the deadliest since the 2004 Madrid bombings. Photo credit: The attacks were the deadliest since the Madrid bombings in 2004. Photo credit: Kenzo Troubillard/AFP
The attacks were the deadliest since the 2004 Madrid bombings. Photo credit: Kenzo Troubillard/AFP

The French capital remains on lockdown after co-ordinated attacks during Friday evening left at least 129 people dead and 377 more injured. The news coming out of Paris is still developing but here’s what we know so far:

A total of six attacks took place in central and eastern areas of the city, the most deadly at the Bataclan Theatre where 89 people are confirmed to have died. At the five other sites victims were shot dead as they drank and dined in restaurants and bars. The terrorist group ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attacks; French President Francois Hollande responded by significantly intensifying airstrikes against the group in Iraq and Syria. A state of emergency has been declared in France and is expected to remain in place for a three-month period.

This live blog has now finished, follow our continuing coverage of the aftermath of the Paris attacks here.

Live Updates

2pm Friday 20 Nov

11am Friday 20 Nov

A hostage situation is underway in a Mali hotel, the attackers are reported to be jihadists. In France, a third body has been found in the St-Denis flat raided by police on Wednesday.


3pm – Thursday 19 Nov

Police have confirmed that one of the men killed in yesterday’s raids was the mastermind behind the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. In Belgium raids have also taken place as well as a serious tightening of security.



11pm – Wednesday 18 Nov

All 129 of the victims of Friday’s attacks have now been identified, while French authorities have confirmed this morning’s raids targeted terrorist Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

10am – Wednesday 18 Nov

Further terror threats have continued to emerge: a friendly football match between Holland and Germany was evacuated last night and two French passenger planes have been grounded. In Paris raids this morning have left two people dead. 

  • Raids on an apartment in a town just north of Paris, St-Denis, began this morning and are still ongoing.
  • Police have confirmed that one woman blew herself up and that another man was killed by a sniper during the operation; seven other people have been arrested.
  • The raids are thought to be based on intelligence surrounding the alleged master-mind behind Friday’s attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.
  • Authorities have confirmed that fifteen people have been evacuated from the area.
  • Two Air France passenger planes travelling to France from America were diverted this morning due to bomb threats.
  • Flight AF055 travelling from Washington Dulles and AF065 travelling from Los Angeles were both due to arrive in Paris. AFo55 has landed safely in Canada and AF065 in Utah.
  • American and Canadian authorities say ”no credible” threat was discovered on either plane and passengers have boarded again to return to Paris.


11:30pm – Tuesday 17 Nov

Following information regarding a potential strike against the Hanover football stadium, everyone has been evacuated safely.

 9pm – Tuesday 17 Nov

The German police say they have received concrete information regarding a potential attack on a stadium in Hanover, meanwhile the England v France match has gone ahead as planned at Wembley.

  • The friendly football match between Germany and Holland has been called off after a suspicious package was found. Police say they have received concrete information that explosives were planned to be set-off within 15-minutes of the German stadium being opened. The Hanover authorities prevented fans and media from entering after an abandoned suitcase caused alarm.
  • An area of the central station in Hanover has also been closed following an ‘object being discovered’. The Tui Arena concert hall has been evacuated too, which was due to host a gig at 8pm. Authorities have no disclosed any other information regarding the threat.
  • Fans sang the French national anthem at Wembley stadium, as the match between England and France began.

4pm – Tuesday 17 Nov

The French military are intensifying their crackdown on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, while in Paris the investigations regarding the attacks continue.

  • The French interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, confirmed that 128 different raids were carried out during Monday evening but are unrelated to Friday’s attacks.
  • The Eiffel Tower will be closed again today, despite reopening on Monday.
  • The US Secretary of State John Kerry has visited Paris and said he discussed ways in which the two nations could work together to defeat ISIS.
  • British police have arrested two men on suspicion of terror offences but says that they are not linked to the Paris attacks. Police apprehended the men as they attempted to leave the country via. Dover.
  • Investigators have confirmed that they have discovered at least two safe houses in the Paris suburbs that were likely to have been used by the attackers.
  • A black Renault Clio is the third car to have been found, suspected to have been used in conjunction with the attacks; the number plates are Belgian.
  • The voice used during the video distributed by ISIS claiming responsibility for the attacks is that of a French born man, Fabien Clain, known to be based in the terrorist group’s stronghold of Raqqa in Syria.
  • EU economic affairs minister, Pierre Moscovici, has told a news conference that France will not be penalised on missing budget targets if the country needs to spend more on security.
  • It has been confirmed that 16 more airstrikes have been conducted against ISIS by the French military, targeting their self-declared capital Raqqa.
  • Russia also has reportedly implemented airstrikes against the same target.
  • RAF airstrikes against ISIS fighters have also been carried out in Northern Iraq, supporting the Kurdish troops battling the terrorist group on the ground.


10pm – Monday 16 Nov

French President Francois Hollande has revealed new measures to combat extremism at home and abroad, as the details of those behind Friday’s attacks are revealed.

1pm – Monday 16 Nov

As France began a third day of mourning to honour the victims killed during Friday’s terror attacks, we took a look at the most important events from last night and this morning.


11pm – Sunday 15 Nov

France has stepped up it’s campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the groups stronghold in Raqqa has been pounded with airstrikes this evening. 

8pm – Sunday 15 Nov

The resilience of Parisians has been strikingly evident today, social media has been filled with messages of hope and unity. However, as evening drew in two false alarms sent terrified civilians fleeing. The names of three of the attackers have been revealed by authorities and one is known to still be at large. 

  • Three of the suspected terrorists have been identified,  brothers Salah and Ibrahim Abdeslam and Omar Ismaïl Mostefai.
  • Three of the jihadists blew themselves up using suicide vests during the attacks, including 29-year-old Mostefai.  His father, sister-in-law and brother are currently being held in police custody.
  • Salah Abdeslam had not been apprehended by police and is presumed to still be on-the-run.
  • A false alarm at a candlelit vigil was raised after a man with a gun was thought to enter the area, hundreds of panicked mourners fled Place de la Republique.

3pm – Sunday 15 Nov

Information regarding the terrorists is developing; one is thought to have entered Europe through a ‘refugee route’ and two others are confirmed to be French.

  • Two of the terrorists involved in the attacks have been confirmed to be French nationals who were living in Belgium.
  • Subsequent raids in the Belgium capital, Brussels, have resulted in at least seven arrests. Authorities haven’t yet confirmed if these are in conjunction with Paris, though.
  • French police have said they are still hunting a terrorist involved in the attacks. They have said he is a French national who rented a Volkswagen Polo last seen outside the Bataclan Theatre – the most deadly site, where 89 people were killed.
  • The passport of a Syrian man, 25-year-old Ahmed Almohamed, has been found at the site of one of the bombings. The authenticity of the document has not been verified but Blic, a Serbian newspaper, says the man crossed into the country on the 7th October after arriving at the Greek island of Lesbos, four days before.

12pm – Sunday 15 Nov


10pm – Saturday 14 Nov

Following a minutes silence mourners sang the French national anthem as they honoured those killed on Friday. Photo credit: Mariya Savova

Mourners gathered in London’s Trafalgar square to pay tribute to the dead in Paris and show solidarity with the country. The mood was one of shock but resilience, as attendees shouted ”we are not afraid” and laid candles around the square. The National Portrait Gallery was illuminated with the colours of the flag, as hands linked in a show of unity.

Signs held up were eerily reminiscent of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January, messages included ”We are all France” and ”Your pain is our pain”. Others were careful not to forget those who died in Beirut and Baghdad, too, and displayed messages of solidarity with these nations.

6pm – Saturday 14 Nov

As evening sets in we have pulled together the key points from today. 

11am – Saturday 14 Nov

The world wakes up to the news of horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last night and ISIS claim responsibility. 

Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of the terrorist attacks that shook Paris last night, this blog is a follow on from yesterday evening’s story.


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