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The Paris Attacks: As It Happened In Tweets

Paris Shooting PIC

It is now confirmed there has been seven co-ordinated attacks across Paris. Including the deaths at the Bataclan theatre, the death toll has reached at least 129 across Paris.

Words: Corey Armishaw

Explosions were reported outside a bar, nearby the Stade De France, where the French national team were playing Germany.

Viewers of the televised match claim to have heard the explosions in the background, with the commentators claiming to have felt the vibrations of the blasts.

Hostages were held at concert venue, The Bataclan, leading to three assailants being killed after a police raid. Over 100 people were found dead inside.


Military Plans in action right now:
Artist Jean Jullien sends his support:
Confirmation of death toll in the Bataclan:


French President reported to be on his way to the Bataclan:


AFP: “Dozens of dead in the Bataclan”

Claims that the hostage situation has been ended:

– Police have requested reports to stop from the scene of the Bataclan concert venue, where people are still hiding from gunmen. –


Attempt to breach concert hall underway:
Scenes reminiscent of a warzone:
Hostage situation reports have become dire:


President Hollande has declared a state of emergency, closing french borders and calling for military backup:
Grim reports of the hostage situation (tweet since removed):
US President Obama addresses Paris attacks:

Assoiated Press reporting 26 confirmed killed:

 Hostage situation underway inside concert hall:

Now reports of 30 dead:

Police supposedly confirming suicide attacks:


Reports of a third shooting:
Francois Hollande evacuated from the stadium close to the explosions:


Reports of gunfire:
Reports of 10 casualties:

Allegedly two shootings:

The first pictures of the site:



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