Sunday, September 23The Voice of London

Our Arthole Magazine is Finally Here!

Well, by the name “Arthole” you must be raising an eyebrow, laughing or simply confused.

Words: Asma Qureshi, Subeditor: Desta Wondirad

Let’s get it cleared up. So, as a spin off idea from the website, we thought if we didn’t produce something blunt and honest it would be very rude. And so, “Artholes of London” began. It’s not just an arts magazine, it’s combining several perspectives of ‘Arsehole-ism’ within several genres, whether that be real life, literature, art, events, you name it. We can all relate.

So what’s in store? Well, we have a comic strip of a real Tinder experience because lets face it, when your friend asks “how was last night?” you’re always going to reply “amazing” with a super stretched smile of regret. We’ve all been there. Not only is this comedic for our magazine, it’s crucial to express all our work as artistically as we can and so every future issue will include a comic strip depicting a real life arsehole situation.

Our other features include stepping into the world of a toilet attendant. Think about it, whilst our selfish selves are too busy fanning our armpits, they stand and take the sweat, sick and stupidity of every arsehole on a night out. This insightful piece uncovers the silent truths of a lady who talks about her job, life and experiences as a bystander of arseholes.

Nevertheless, we encourage ‘Arsehole-ism’ you just have to pick the correct type of arsehole and with that, everything is kosher and you live happily worrying about nothing but yourself, your happiness and your arsehole. So, we also include how to spot a secret arsehole and more importantly how to be one.

The whole idea is creatively complex, it allows you to take a breather from life, so you can sit and indulge in ‘Arsehole-ism.’ Stop worrying about your behaviour for once, embrace it! Did you correct someone and feel bad? You shouldn’t. Did you lie to someone today? Good. This is the secret to preserving your friendships and making sure everyone stays happy. Your happiness is important. Never forget that. Be an arsehole.