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Our Top Ten Best Places To Shop In London

London is a big place to go shopping, from vintage stores to Make up, shoes to books and many more ,here is a list of our chosen and favourite shops to buy products from:

Words:Tamara Hutchinson Subeditor:Mariya Hristova

  1. Machine – A
    Machine- A, Soho

    This Soho urban clothing shop is known of their luxury items such as hats, hoodies, jackets and many more that are from MCM, Nicopanda, Mathew Williams and others

2. Chanel pop-up nail bar


Located in Covent Garden, Chanel has a place where you can find the best colours for your nails as well as getting them done for you. With a chance, you can take part in up to 90 minutes lesson in a workshop to learn the best nail techniques from one of the most elite label.

3. Blitz


Opened in 2011, Blitz vintage store is situated on Brick Lane, with many different styles of clothing covering over  two stories. It is known for one of the biggest vintage stores in London.

4. Gosh!


For all the people who have love for comics, Gosh! is one of the best placed to shop especially if you want to find one of those unique comics. The prices are reasonable. The shop is also located in a convenient place, near Soho and Oxford Circus .

5. Fara Kids and Baby


Not only is Fara Kids and Baby good for children clothes but you’re also getting a bargain. Being known as a children’s wear charity shop, they have plenty of high end and high street good quality second-hand clothing.

6. Hayford & Rhodes


Flowers designed for weddings, awards ceremony dinners, elite meals and even for the Queen. Hayford & Rhodes started in 1924 and ever since their flower arrangements just keep on getting better. For your grandmother, mother, auntie, sister or loved one, they are known for their exquisite bouquets.

7. Dover street Market


Dover Street Market is one of London’s most popular place to shop. With a wide variety of  jewellery shops, clothing shops and food places such as Rose Bakery.

8. Mint- furniture


Mint is known for their unique style in their furniture, inspired from the artist Dali, this company has captured  many people’s eyes for their artistry. Tables, chairs, lighting, anything that you can think of is all sold here. You can get anything you want and it will always be different compared to everyone else’s. You will definitely get your money’s worth.


9. Cybercandy


The UK’s biggest store which sells American sweets, located in many different places around London. If you’re tired of eating English sweets, then this is the place to go when you’re craving for that American taste.