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“Only in My Mind”: Norma Jean Martine’s Debuts With Feeling Filled Album

The 25-year-old takes the music industry by storm with her rock pop debut album.

Written by: Martina Di Gregorio – Sub-edited by: Chelsea Jobe

Norma Jean Martine. If the name doesn’t tell you anything, you should run on iTunes or Spotify and listen to her debut album “Only in My Mind.” You can thank me later.

Credit: Norma Jean Martine Instagram @njeanmartine
Credit: Norma Jean Martine Instagram @njeanmartine

Her rock-pop album “Only in My Mind” emphasizes her strong, husky vocals. Full of energy, it gives you 40 minutes of intense emotion.

The 25-year-old is an American singer-songwriter based in London who has been around for a while but her name may not sound familiar. She co-wrote Ronan Keating’s title track “Time of My Life” and collaborated with Burt Bacharach and Ashley Roberts.

Norma Jean Martine is the rising star of Universal Music, which conducted a multi-million-pound advertisement campaign to prepare for her debut as a solo artist in March. With over 17,000 followers and 200,000 views on YouTube, she is slowly gaining the visibility she deserves.

The track “No Gold” is upbeat with catchy lyrics, focusing on her journey from a small American town to stardom.

“Only in My Mind” is the standout single from the album, which reminds you of artists such as Adele and Nina Simone. It kicks off with guitar chords and layered vocals, transitioning into a poppy rhythm. “Only in My Mind” is a song about loving someone but knowing you can’t be with that person. The tambourine, the guitars and Norma’s longing voice will make your body and heart move.

The album is relatable to anyone who has experienced heartbreak. The track “I Will Never Love Again” will remind you of your first love and relive emotions you thought you could never feel again.

Also, she released a music video for “I Want You To Want Me” on August 26. It features model Cara Delevingne, actor Will Poulter and Alma Jodorowsky portraying Norma’s message of unrequited love.

If you want raw, honest rock pop energy seeping into your soul, her voice haunting you, her songs forever in your head and heart, this is the right album for you, and you should follow this girl to see where her talent will take her next.

If you love “Only in My Mind”, you can find her performing all over London even busking in Waterloo station.

Plug some headphones in and let Norma Jean Martine fill your soul with her standout vocals. You can thank me now.


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