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One Direction Are Carpool Karaoke’s Latest Passengers On The Late Late Show With James Corden

All of our dreams came true when One Direction once again joined James Corden on The Late Late Show. 

Words: Alice Marshall, Subeditor: Matt Hooper

There’s nothing we love more, especially because Corden never lets us down in asking the all important questions. After all, he’s the reason we saw Harry’s thigh tattoo in the first place — it’s a tiger, just fyi. The TV host sky-rocketed all our expectations, though, when photos rose to the surface of the boys squashed into the back of a car together. That’s right, we’re getting carpool karaoke with the 1D boys and we can’t stop screaming about it.

What we really weren’t expecting, though, was for the hype surrounding the carpool karaoke segment to be topped. But tattoo roulette happened and now one of the boys is branded for the rest of his life with ‘late late’ on his lovely forearm.

In very Deal or No Deal-esque red boxes, the boys one by one chose and opened them to reveal either the word ‘safe’ or ‘tattoo’. Niall, along with James Corden, was practically sweating with fear. We kind of can’t blame him — and actually felt very, very sorry for him. He’s the only boy in the group yet to be inked.

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All was okay in the end for our favourite Irishmen, though. Harry Styles was the poor unfortunate soul who got lumbered with that ‘tattoo’ box. It’s fine though, he seemed pretty chill about it when asked by the host how he felt about the prospect of being permanently branded.

Besides, it doesn’t actually look that bad.

Another highlight — that had us violently flailing on the floor — was when Corden gave us something we didn’t even know we needed in our lives: Louis Tomlinson perched like a cat on his lap and Niall Horan’s British! Accent! Honestly, we’re not sure how we’re alive either. Broaching the topic of how Daniel Craig had said Niall would make an “absolutely fabulous” bond, the world’s ears were then graced with something more magical and more angelic than the whistle note in All I Want For Christmas. Niall Horan’s James Bond impression. Listen for yourselves, because we honestly don’t know what to do with ourselves at this point.


We’re still waiting on the footage of the carpool karaoke, which we’ve heard on the grapevine will be aired in a later episode. Thinking we should dig our graves now?

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