Wednesday, September 26The Voice of London

UK No Fly Zones: Countries British Airlines Avoid

With EasyJet cancelling all flights to Sharm El Sheikh until January, we take a look at the countries on UK airline’s black list.
Words: Eireann Beardon, Subeditor: Grace Faulkner

Many people would find the thought of flying over a conflict zone slightly distressing to say the least. Thankfully, many countries have aviation bodies in force to set guidelines about where they see fit to fly. The UK has the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the US. As well as this, airlines usually have internal rules about where pilots are able to fly their planes. This is where defining specific territories seen unfit for airlines becomes tricky.

The video below shows an overview of the places seen by the CAA or airlines themselves as unfit to fly over.

Generally the FAA forbids US flights from airspace a lot more frequently than the CAA, however it is not unheard of. For the UK, it is these internal rules that are altered and reviewed day by day. The flight restrictions are in place to avoid countries involved in airborne conflict. One pilot told The Guardian: “We would often avoid areas where there is air-to-air conflict, but we flew over Iraq and Afghanistan when the British and US armed forces were deployed there, because only one side was using military jets.”