Tuesday, October 16The Voice of London

NEOPHYTE. Film & TV. Music. Art.

Coming soon!  Arts and Culture magazine featuring exclusive interviews, reviews and features.

Find out why you should be watching Jessica Jones, the most refreshing superhero in years.

We look back at the most beautiful book cover art of the past year. Will your favourite be there?

Does Coldplay’s 7th album live up to the band’s previous works? Check out our review in this issue.

Exclusive interview with Director of Photography of the surprise sensation “The Hood Documentary”.

We attended the Ultimate Music Seminar, featuring prominent figures in the music industry sharing their insight.

Hidden Gems of London revealed in our photographic special.

Ever wanted to be an art collector but can’t afford the steep price? We show you how to become a conoscere on a budget.

All of that plus much more when the first issue of NEOHYPTE. is released exclusively to The Voice of London this Friday!