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New Photo Book About Hackney Is Available For Pre-Order

Hoxton Mini Press – an independent publisher of art books about East London – is soon to release its ninth photo book, Hackney by Night.
Words: Julia Tsilman, Subeditors: Bea Renshaw, Keziah Leary

Night by Richard_Gough. Source: Flickr
Night by Richard_Gough. Source: Flickr

The couple behind Hoxton Mini Press, Martin and Ann, kept themselves busy this past year by publishing one beautiful photographic series after another. Hackney by Night is their most recent piece of work. Composed by David George, it depicts the stillness of London streets at night, and provides a glimpse into the solitary world we miss when we’re asleep. Unlike the rest of the publisher’s works, Hackney by Night does not focus on sharing human stories. Instead, its 96 pages are filled with mysteries and ghostly yellow tones, which altogether create the perfect autumnal read.

Though it’s an excellent book, Hackney by Night is just a tip of the iceberg. September marked the release of their biggest and most ambitious work to date – Makers of East London. This exquisite 336 page long coffee-table book, founded entirely by a kick-starter campaign, introduces us to a vibrant community of East London craftsmen and the fascinating work they do. It does what Hoxton Mini Press is loved for.

Hoxton Mini Press is often admired for its versatility. Lost in the City – the eighth issue in a photographic series about East London – captures an atmosphere completely different from those in the above-mentioned books. Beautiful yet unsettling, this black and white edition portrays the often isolated and routine lives of the City’s office workers, setting “them against the imposing architecture of modern London”.

Have a look at Hoxton Mini Press‘ photographic series next time you pass Brick Lane Bookshop, or visit the official website to purchase Makers of East London (£30) and Lost in the City (£12.95). Hackney by Night is available for pre-order now, for shipping in mid-November.