Friday, August 17The Voice of London

NEOPHYTE. First Issue

Welcome to the first, of hopefully many issues, NEOPHYTE. The definition of neophyte is a person that is new to a subject or activity. For us, our readers are our neophytes. The aim of this magazine is to introduce you to the world of culture in all its forms – art, music, film and TV. In this issue, our art section explores the best of this year’s book cover art, explains how you can become an art collector in London without breaking the bank and discusses the work of photographer Saira Niazi. In music, we’re analysing Coldplay’s latest offering, getting an inside look at the exclusive event ‘The Ultimate Seminar’ and checking out some musicians whose looks don’t suit their sound. For TV and film, we’re talking to documentary maker and popular YouTuber Reynold Maunze, finding out why you should be watching Jessica Jones and bringing you tons of reviews. And that’s just a start. We hope you enjoy NEOPHYTE. and look forward to you becoming loyal readers. – Lauren Burgess