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Nails Inc Paint Can Review

Last week Nails Inc released their newest nail polish product in the form of a spray paint can. Here’s what we think about it.

Words: Tsakane Chabane, Subeditor: Teh Yusof

Easy to apply. (Tsakane Chabane)

I was excited when beauty brands started making 60 second quick dry nail polish. We all know the struggle of having to refrain from any activity while your nails dry, so the quick dry polishes have been a bit of a saviour. However, Nails Inc have reinvented the wheel with their Paint spray.

Personally, I’m pretty tragic at doing my nails. My coordination is not as great as I would like it. I can barely get my right hand to look decent and I know I’m not alone in this. So Nails Inc’s new nail  polish could be our saving grace.

You have a choice between Hoxton Market, which is hot pink and Shoreditch Lane, a silver colour. I chose to try out Shoreditch Lane. The glittery silver colour is perfect for the festive season, you can sparkle at Christmas parties.

The application of the nail polish is simple enough, just make sure to spray your hand on a surface you can easily clean afterwards. Also, it’s important to read the instructions first (as I’ve learnt) because, for instance, if you don’t hold the can at least 10cm away from your hands, it will sting. A LOT.

Once you’re done applying the top coat and you’ve waited a couple of minutes for it all to dry properly, you can wash off the excess silver on your hands with soap and water. It’s as simple as that! The nail polish is spread out evenly and equally on each nail. And for those of us who have trouble painting our dominant hands, that’s a Godsend.

Shimmery Silver nails. (Tsakane Chabane)

Unfortunately, like any glitter type product, the glitter gets everywhere and sticks there. I applied the nail polish on a piece of paper near my bed and the pillows and bedding were covered in glitter mess after.

I initially gave the product an 8/10 but it’s less than a week later and the nail polish literally peeled off. Not chipped, peeled. So, although the application is simple and the end result is beautiful, the results don’t last long enough to feel worth paying £10 for the Paint Can and £8 for the base and top coat. Thus, my final rating is 6.5/10.

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