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Munroe Bergdorf receives hateful comments after racism feud on GMB

Words: Fatima Nasir | Subbing: 

This morning an ex-L’oreal model started a racism debate on Good Morning Britain as she spoke about her reasons for being let go from the makeup brand after a race row.

Ironically Munroe was initially invited to debate Twitter’s new guideline to tackle hateful, violent and offensive conduct online. However the main agenda was sidelined as viewers focused on the ex-ambassador’s  ‘N****’ and ‘all white people are racist’ comments, posting hateful comments towards Munroe Bergdorf for expressing her views.

#GMB was trending on Twitter for most part of the day.

Twitter blew up with mostly negative comments on the show most siding against Munroe and calling her a ‘racist’.

After using the ‘N****’ twice on live television, Susanna Ried, the show host had to step in to stop the former L’oreal YoursTruely True Match ambassador.

Munroe Bergdorf was fired from the company after claiming, ‘all white people are racist’.

Bergdorf tried to defend herself in this morning’s GMB episode and to say the least it didn’t go well.

Claiming she had been called a ‘N****’ herself, which should be considered just as offensive and insulting as her using the word on television. In her defence she further pointed blackface was still shown on television considering that blackface is also a form of racism, ‘It’s highly racist’ she said.

Show’s second host Piers Morgan insisted, ‘ we would  like you to stop using the word’.

Some viewers were quick to point out the irony as the feud over the use of the word ‘N****’ aired on live television where blackface is a usual in television and films.

Viewers seemed divided as some felt offended due to the bigotry remarks, others supported and accepted the idea of day-to-day racism in the community that is wrongly acceptable i.e blackface.

Though either way hateful and personal comments shared by twitter users cannot be justified.