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Million Mask March 2016: here’s a recap…

Protesters gathered today in Central London to fight against corruption in power

Reporters: Maria Llamas and Micaela Kolischer | Sub-Editor: Maria Llamas

It is estimated that 47 arrests were made. The anti-capitalism march started at 18:00 and was set to finish at 21:00. However, the demonstration carried on longer than planned. VoL followed protesters around Trafalgar Square.

”These are not your streets. These are streets owned by the corporate elite. These are streets owned by the rich. The wealthy, who disempower the poor, abuse them, take all of their lands off of them and then make them beg for money” said one of the protesters.

A Metropolitan Police officer at the scene informed VoL that more than 2000 police officers were deployed for the demonstration. Fireworks and bottles were thrown in clashes between protesters and police officers.

The Million Mask march is a global protest held every year on November 5th by Anonymous, an international network of internet activists. The date commemorates Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night. The group protests against governmental corruption and the malpractices of those in power.


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