Millennial’s Monopoly: Because we can’t afford houses

‘Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway.’ That’s the catchy sentence at the bottom of the new Monopoly board released for millennials.


Owning a flat in London? We don’t even think about it, homeownership became a mirage for our young generation and it’s sad. But it would be shame not monetizing the situation.

The world famous board game Monopoly just has launched its new version, a version entirely made for us.

Instead of buying as much real estate as they can, players have to collect experiences. Experiences include Friend’s couch, Vegan bistro or a weeklong meditation retreat.



For the gameplay pieces you have the possibility to choose a hashtag or even a laughing/crying emoji, CLICHÉ.

Oh, and the tagline on the back of the board? ‘Adulting is hard. You deserve a break from the rat race!’

So how do you, millennials, feel about this game? Are you ready to embrace your destiny and joke about it or is it too soon?


Words: Kiara Vigo l Subbing: Christian Onion



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