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Microsoft announces new Surface Studio all-in-one computer

Microsoft announced its upcoming all-in-one desktop computer, the Surface Studio, at the Windows 10 Devices Event on Wednesday.

Reporter: Adrian Vasilescu | Sub-Editor: Jack Leslie

Microsoft Surface Studio. Source:

Aimed at creative professionals, the Surface Studio is set to be released later this year on the 15 December.

“It’s meant to transform the way you work and create”, said Microsoft’s vice president of Devices, Panos Panay.

One of the unique characteristics of the device is the 28-inch ‘PixelSense’ display. It serves as a canvas and is set on chrome arms, with a hinge for users to pivot and manipulate the position and angle of the screen.

They can use it in a classic way, upright, or turn it into a drafting table. Additionally, the Surface Studio features a set of microphones that offer the user easy access to Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana.

In terms of software, the device runs Windows 10 Pro, comes with an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPUs and the storage capacity varies between 128GB and 1TB (removable storage with full-size SD card slot).

Meanwhile it will run Nvidia Geforce GTX 965M/980M graphics cards and features stereo speakers, dual microphones and a headset jack.

Looking at the hardware on offer, the Surface Studio comes with a keyboard, touchpad mouse, stylus pen, magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and Surface Dial (it comes with a free one if you pre-order the device before December 1st).

Surface Studio Dial microsoft
Surface Dial. Source:

The Surface Dial is essentially a multi-tool. It consists of a wheel you can press and hold on the screen to display a selection of tools, which will be very handy in various applications.

It can also simply play the role of a colour picker or a magic ruler. It is more like a bonus, but if owned and used properly, the Surface Dial can prove to be of great help and make a huge difference.

The Surface Studio is already available for pre-order at the cost of $3,000 (£2,461) and – according to Panay – will be available in “limited quantities this holiday”.