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Metronomy Announce Three UK Tours In 2017

After a build-up of DJ sets, we all knew it was bound to happen. How can Metronomy release an album without revealing they’re playing live shows?

Reporter: Larry Gliddon | Subeditor: Martina De Gregorio

Metronomy are an indie pop group, formed by Joseph Mount in Devon in the late 90’s. It features former Lightspeed Champion drummer Anna Prior and bassist Gbenga Adelekan.

The band released Summer ’08 back in July, a wonky funkfest with a feel of nostalgia that takes you back to the times of you and your mates smoking a spliff on a hill, watching the sun set. Everybody was expecting live shows going hand in hand with the album, but they only played festivals like Reading and Field Day, without any signs of upcoming live shows, striking fear in the hearts of fans.

Joseph Mount at Alexandra Palace, 2014
Joseph Mount at Alexandra Palace, 2014

Their last album, Love Letters, came out two years ago – along with their last gig. Their show at Alexandra Palace was mind-blowing. The stage was set out like the Love Letters album cover – a pinky, bubbly cloud of euphoria. The set list was also incredible, with a healthy balance of the old and new songs. From Love Letters to Corinne, the crowd were going ape with excitement.

NZCA Lines at Alexandra palace, 2014.
NZCA Lines at Alexandra palace, 2014.

Metronomy always get it right. Even the support acts were brilliant, such as NZCA Lines; not only is he the bassist for some of Metronomy’s gigs, but he does his own stuff too. If you like intimate sci-fi new wave, you should check him out.

After two years, it’s amazing to see how much Metronomy has evolved as a band. Starting with Joseph Mount experimenting with music to demonstrate how his life was growing up in Devon, to powerful indiedisco about love. After seeing how the set was post-Love Letters, it’s certain there will be light shows to accompany a Summer ’08 themed set. But maybe, with this sudden announcement of a UK tour, they’ve got something else planned? Whatever happens, it will not disappoint.

Metronomy are playing in May 2017 – ABC Glasgow on the 16th, Albert Hall in Manchester on the 17th and O2 Brixton on the 19th. Tickets are on sale now – you can get them here.