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Mateschitz And Red Bull Together Against The Whole (F1) World

Formula One could lose one of its best teams due to Red Bull failing to get a competitive engine for 2016. And as Torro Rosso boss Dietrich Mateschitz is shutting down any proposals that are not called Ferrari- or Mercedes-engine, it looks like the Bulls won’t be racing next season.

Words: Ena Bilobrk, Subeditor: Jack Everitt

Daniel Ricciardo at the Malaysia GP 2015
Daniel Ricciardo at the Malaysia GP 2015. Source: Wikipedia

Red Bull owned racing website SPEEDWEEK reports that the deadline for finding a solution has been pushed back a further two to three weeks. Torro Rosso boss Dietrich Mateschitz adds that he knows “there is no competitive engine for us at this moment”.

Speedweek is owned by the energy drink's media house
Speedweek is owned by the energy drink’s media house. Source: Red Bull Media

A reunion with their previous supplier Renault is “unthinkable” according to Mateschitz. The French are neither willing to, nor have the ability to, develop a Ferrari-like engine.

For the last two years the Renault engines has contained 80hp less then their biggest rivals Ferrari and Mercedes and the two top teams have backed out of negotiating about a potential cooperation.

A collaboration with Honda has been turned down as well, partly because according to SPEEDWEEK Red Bull believes they “would probably come off worse if they switched from Renault”.

Mateschitz made clear that if his team doesn’t get a competitive power source for 2016 he would not want to continue.

The FIA is in a difficult position. While Mercedes and Ferrari are becoming more and more powerful, the team that could challenge them the most is about to drop out. In order to stop certain teams gaining a huge advantage, a plan about engine budgeting has been put forward.

This would mean that Ferrari and Mercedes won’t be able to keep making huge progress and it would simply make Formula One exciting again.

However, Scuderia used their veto right. So the engine budgeting plan fell through and the FIA had to come up with another solution, namely a low cost engine of a different specification. But this would not be introduced until 2017, which leaves Red Bull without an answer for 2016.

Sky’s James Galloway believes that the power cut might “be designed to keep Red Bull” because Torro Rosso team-chef Christian Horner admitted they “need to go as far as looking at an entirely different engine, a new engine”.

And maybe Dietrich Mateschitz needs to start compromising in order to start the next season alongside hundreds of other people involved in their success of the past years.

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